Coma Regalia - Marked CER-004


The 6th LP from Coma Regalia

Jason Wolpert - Drums
Tom Schlatter - Bass, Strings on track 10
Shawn Decker - Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Auxiliary Noise and Percussion,
Drums on track 6

Bass guitar recorded by Tom at his home in Albany, NY
Everything else recorded by Shawn at Yoguwit Studios, Lafayette, IN
Mixed and mastered by Shawn at Yoguwit Studios, Lafayette, IN


  1. Death Invited
  2. Partial Diagnosis
  3. It's Grip Closes
  4. In Submission
  5. Vigour Transmit Failure
  6. Shelter By The Mountain's Tree
  7. It Stares Back
  8. Ready The Vessel
  9. Neverending Ever Ending
  10. Yarneep
  11. Adrift Taking Water
  12. A Promise To Return
Pressing Information

/300 Purple (Actual color may vary from mockup)